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Personal training in AutoCAD from the comfort of... well, wherever!

AutoCAD tuition

"How can you benefit personally and directly from my 20 years experience of working with AutoCAD?"

  • When learning AutoCAD, do you like to be able to converse freely with your tutor, without having to worry about what others may think?
  • Do you want an AutoCAD course designed specifically for your personal needs?
  • Is learning AutoCAD as slowly or as fast as you want, important for you?

Then look no further!

I can offer you with a course tailored to exactly meet your needs, no more than you can afford, not less than you require!

Why learn AutoCAD online?

There are many reasons why learning online is not only less expensive than old-fashioned methods, but is actually advantageous.
Here are just a few good reasons:

  • You do not have to travel far (just think of the cost of fuel or rail tickets) to learn AutoCAD
  • Save time sitting in traffic jams for something useful!
  • You can learn AutoCAD anywhere you like - at home, on the beach, sitting on your favorite sofa - anywhere where you have an internet connection!
  • You do not have to pay for my overheads - training rooms, banks of expensive hardware or secretarial services
  • You can learn - subject to arrangemant - at any reasonable time you like. You are not limited to traditional school hours

Why not get in touch and try out a session? A 15 Minute trial will not cost you anything, but could ensure you access to one of the world's most exciting drafting programs!

Important to remember that:

  • You do not have to buy AutoCAD to take part in a training program!
  • You do not have to install special software on your computer!
  • The tuition can be done all over the world - students have been successfully reached not only in Germany, but also Austria, Switzerland, England, Kenya & Peru! As long as you have a reasonable internet connection it can work for you too.

Starter Course A 19 step starter course, with all the essentials - not only to get you up and going, but to help you to full competence to draw acurately with confidence! You will find a list here of what fascinating subjects are covered - be sure that it is good at the price!

How can I learn AutoCAD online? It is really very simple. You have certainly used skype or a similar program to talk to friends - especially when they are staying in a country where the cost of a telephone call can really be way...